Dissemination of salient aspects of VAT among all stakeholders is a crucial part of any VAT project. This is essential to ensure that stakeholders correct comprehend the objectives of the change, and help manage it effectively.

These sessions are intended to provide information and training on VAT related aspects to all key constituents of a business. Topics are covered in comprehensive, yet compact modules that are bifurcated into the following four parts:

  • Beginner VAT awareness sessions on the generic aspects of VAT;

  • Functional awareness sessions for understanding of vital areas of impact for all key business functions;

  • Training for undertaking compliances and understanding of reporting requirements;

  • Awareness session for entity‚Äôs vendors and customers to bring them onboard VAT for tax compliant transactions.
These will be interactive, and will enable key employees and external stakeholders to better deal with the changed environment after the introduction of VAT.